Whether you’re pinned to election coverage right now, or avoiding it as much as possible, we think every American should listen to this interview with Amber McReynolds, former Director of Elections for Denver, and now the CEO of the bipartisan National Vote at Home Institute. Or as you may know it, VoteatHome.org.

She’s also the author of When Women Vote, and we can’t think of a more qualified expert to talk about this major issue this important election year. Especially during a pandemic.

What to know about voting from home: Why it's safe, and why it's important, especially for parents | Spawned Podcast interview with Amber McReynolds

Amber has got the real facts (as in, not alternative facts) about voting by mail and absentee ballots, which, hey, ARE THE SAME THING, despite what you may have heard. She also shares some of the benefits of vote-by-mail that we hadn’t considered, lots of positive changes that vote-by-mail can make in our democracy, why voter fraud by mail is nearly impossible, the deal with the changes at the USPS right now from her perspective — and we love that she shares an extra special advantage that voting by mail can have for parents.

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And big thanks to our friend Jeanine Harvey of @FeedOurDemoracy for connecting us!

Top image:Tiffany Tertipes via Unsplash


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