Am I a fan of Elf of the Shelf? Not particularly. But I know lots of you are — including members of our own team. So when I saw this handmade quarantine bag for Elf on the Shelf on Etsy, well… come on. Join me in celebrating the ingenuity. And laughing. Remember laughing?

Created by Houston mom Karin of SD Arts Co, she explains that 2020 has been more than enough for parents to manage, and asks, “do you really want to spend theĀ month of December finding new and increasing creative ways for your house’s Elf on a Shelf to spy on your kiddos?”

Hey, maybe your answer is no.

But maybe your answer is why yes! I will pop our elf into this embroidered felt bag and get back to watching The Crown.


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Elf on the Shelf quarantine bag from SD Arts Co on Etsy: We love this too much

Even if your elf does make a few moves around the house up until Christmas, he can still surely spend a few days in here when you first introduce him. I mean if the elf is here to teach kids good lessons, as devotees say he is, then who could argue that staying safe over the 2020 holiday season and protecting those we love isn’t the ultimate good lesson.

Find the Elf on the Shelf handmade quarantine bagĀ from Etsy shop SD Arts Co, While you’reĀ there, maybe grab one of her embroidered 2020 dumpster fire tea towels. I would.Ā