With lots of us going a little bigger and bolder with our decor this holiday season, I realized I needed a new tree skirt that was not an old bed sheet. (Don’t judge!) An Etsy search yielded the gorgeous retro-modern tree skirts from Crash Pad Designs.

Oof, be still my mid-century loving heart!

All handmade in Philly by Renee, you can choose from funky fabrics that range from classic Christmas colors, to Jestsons-era orange, teal and lime. If you look around her shop, from dishtowels (affordable gift idea!) to fun wallpaper to throw rugs, it’s clear she has a fantastic eye for fabric and color.

Unlike the mass-produced tree skirts I happened to browse on that big online store. Shudder.

Find cool retro modern tree skirts handmade by Crash Pad Designs

While it was hard to pick from her incredible array of designs, I instantly grabbed this red tree skirt  — which was smart, because you need to order by December 5 to make it under your Christmas tree in time for the 25th.

Find retro-modern tree skirts and more cool textiles from Crash Pad Designs.
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