This holiday season, for our 15th annual holiday gift guide (!), we just knew we had to create a 100% Small Business Holiday Gift Guide, exclusively featuring the best holiday gifts that support small shops, small brands, independent designers and makers, and local bookshops.

And so, we did. And we are so proud of it.

As our long-time readers know, the heart and soul of Cool Mom Picks has always been with small businesses. There isn’t a holiday guide we’ve created that hasn’t been filled with wonderful, often undiscovered independent makers and shops —  especially those run by women and moms, and people of color. This year, it seemed right to feature them all exclusively.

Click over and find our top ten favorite holiday gifts of 2020 in 7 categories, that hopefully covers everyone on your holiday list:


*  Our 10 best gifts for women in 2020

*  Our 10 best gifts for men in 2020

* Our 10 best gifts for Hanukkah in 2020

*  Our 10 best gifts for grandparents in 2020

*  Our 10 best gifts for teens in 2020

*  Our 10 best gifts for tweens 9-12 in 2020

*  Our 10 best gifts for little kids 4-8 in 2020

*  Our 10 best gifts for babies and toddlers in 2020


Best gifts from small businesses in 2020: Holiday Gift Guide | Cool Mom Picks


Please know that there has been no compensation in exchange for inclusion in our gift guide. Just the stuff our editors really love and are happy to recommend. (We know that’s rare these days, but hey, that’s how we do things.)

And of course we know that budgets are tight for so many families this year. So we’ve included plenty of budget picks, along with the splurges. But we know that if we can afford to spend a few bucks more shopping from a family-owned toy store or a local bookstore that we want to keep in business, that in itself is a gift.

Knowing how many small business have reached out to us in 2020 asking for support — and how many of our readers have reached out asking how they can support small businesses —  it’s been our pleasure to curate our 2020 Small Business Holliday Gift Guide.We just hope you love it as much as we do.

xoxo Liz, Kristen, and the Cool Mom Picks team


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Wait, there’s more!

Please keep an eye on our sites through the holiday season, because we’ll continue to share even more of the best holiday gifts from all kinds of shops — and that includes our annual lists of favorite gifts under $15 for kids and gifts under $15 for adults. (We know how much our readers love that list each year!)

Standby for those, plus lots of affordable DIY gift ideas as always. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that being together and giving of ourselves is what really matters.

Also be sure not to miss the holiday gift guides on Cool Mom Tech and our favorite food gifts on Cool Mom Eats to suit all kinds of tastes.

Yeah, basically, we can’t stop shopping….for you.