I’ve been searching for fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my kids since the typical school parties and gatherings aren’t happening. Thankfully, Cool Mom Tech has a bunch of great ideas for having a virtual Valentine’s Day party (amongst other things), but I found another one to add to the list thanks to our former Spawned guest and star of Magic for Humans, Justin Willman.

He’s offering super cool Magic at Home Zoom performances so you can get your own personal magic show right in your own home. How cool is that?

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How to be the fun mom with Magic for Humans host, Justin Willman | Spawned episode 206

He’ll be doing some of his old stand-by tricks that we all discovered watching his Netflix show, but he’ll also be adding new ones for Valentine’s Day. Tickets are $25 per household, and they’re selling out fast, with shows starting this weekend and running through February 21.

If you want to do something that the whole family will love (seriously, we ALL love watching him – he’s so funny!), snatch up tickets now before they’re gone.