February is hard for me in a zillion ways. Low light, cold temperatures, the biological imperative to eat all the Oreos. (Didn’t Darwin mention Oreos somewhere in his writing? I could swear I remember that from 7th grade biology.) Oh, and then there’s this little shelter-in-place thing…maybe you’ve heard of it? As I recently wrote, February x Pandemic is just cruelty.

Just when I needed it, the most delightful package arrived, thanks to the world’s best PR team who was like, “we think you might want to try this…”

No, it wasn’t my monthly Bouqs subscription, though that does perk me up each month. It’s a heated, weighted, minky sherpa blanket.

Yes, both heated and weighted! And fuzzy. And cozy. And soft. And hey, is that a Sharpie note on the tag that says “MOM’S BLANKET DO NOT TOUCH WITHOUT PERMISSION?” No comment.

If you’re looking for a brilliant Mother’s Day gift or practical Valentine’s gift this year, I highly recommend.

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Pure Enrichment weighted warmth heated, weighted blanket review. (We love it!)

Is the Pure Enrichment WeightedWarmth blanket kind of extra as my kids would say? Sure. I mean, a soft-as-cute-bunnies weighted blanket could do the job these days for me, and a heated blanket could also probably do that job. But having them both together has been a treat.

Plus, I finally get the whole fascination with weighted blankets

Pure Enrichment is known for home products like minimalist modern humidifiers and air purifiers and therapeutic essential oil diffusers and this is just as thoughtfully made. Because I do have a minor fear of electric blankets, this one feels assuringly safe. It has four heat settings, so you can get it to whichever temperature feels right to you, and I really appreciate that shuts off automatically after 2 hours no matter what. But oh lordy, all that aside, it’s just the softest, most cuddly adult blanket I’ve ever felt, and there’s a reason I’m currently typing in bed instead of at my desk.

We love the heated, weighted, minky-soft blanket from Pure Enrichment which is getting us through the winter!

I would say something like “you can pry the WeightedWarmth blanket from my cold dead hands,” but considering how it works, my hands will not be cold. Rimshot. 


Thanks to the brand for sending our team a Pure Enrichment WeightedWarmth blanket for editorial consideration. I lurve it! Find it at Nordstrom Rack or the company’s own website.

If it’s too much blanket for you, you can check out the smaller heated throw blanket (no weights), or the heated wearable shawl blanket, if you’re willing to go full-Snuggie. I am not willing to go fulll-Snuggie. Yet. Ask me in a month though.