As parents, we have a general idea of the conversations we need to have with our kids before they to the throes of teendom – like the sex talk, and the drugs and alcohol talk –  for example. But there are actually a whole lot more conversations that we need to be having, and we need to be having them sooner than later.

That’s why I’m so excited I got to chat with author Michelle Icard, whose new book Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen does just that: help guide parents through all the talks (from the easy to the thorny ones) from how to have them to what to address to how to get your kids to actually talk (note: the book is not called “14 lectures…”).

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Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen | Michelle Icard on Spawned podcast

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– The B.R.I.E.F acronym that will help you have these conversations (or really, any conversations in your life) with ease.

– When to have these conversations… Is it okay to jump around? Start early? And how do you know when they’re ready?

– Why these conversations can help you build a trust and rapport with your kids (and why that’s important).

– The talk that was surprisingly the hardest (hint: It’s not sexuality or drugs and alcohol)

– What NOT to do when you’re trying to have these conversations, and common mistakes parents make

– Where to find Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen (it’s so good!) Affiliate link. You can also find Michelle on her website.

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14 talks to have with your child before they turn 14 with Michelle Icard | Spawned podcast

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Kristen: I’m obsessed with What We Do in the Shadows, a hilarious mockumentary about vampires living in Staten Island. You must binge this immediately.

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