We’ve talked a lot about self care these days, and our need for our community and village (hello, We Time project), but… we haven’t actually put the concepts together, even though they are most certainly intertwined. That’s where our guest, Rachel Miller, comes in. She’s a journalist and author of The Art of Showing Up: How to Be There For Yourself and Your People, which feels particularly timely given we’re all feeling extra worn down and missing our friends.

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The Art of Showing Up | By Rachel Miller

top photo by Shane Rounce on Unsplash; CMP is a reward style affiliate

Some of the topics we cover on the show

– How friendships have been affected this year (it’s more than just “strained”)

– Why missing casual friends and acquaintances is a total thing (and what we can do about it)

– What it actually means to “show up” for yourself – there’s actually four parts to this!

– Why showing up for yourself actually makes you a better friend.

– How you can make new friends, which seems especially hard right now (and always, for parents).

 Our Cool Picks of the Week 

Food gardening: Kristen Chase at Doylestown Community Garden | Photo © Lucian Read

It’s Kristen! At her new gardening plot  | © Lucian Read

Rachel: Drag Race UK. Go watch it!

Kristen: It’s me! At my new community gardening plot. (Which inspired us taking the Food Gardening class as part of the We Time Project. PS: You can still join us. We’re taking another class soon, but PS: you can them on your own too. And it’s free!)

Liz: A super smart tip for reporting text spam. (Listen to the episode! It’s so helpful.