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When you’re a new parent, you just want to know everything is okay with the baby. Pretty much, all the time of course, but especially when you’re not in the room together. That’s why the Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor is such a gift to parents.

Why the Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor is such a gift to new parents when it comes to peace of mind (sponsor)

It has so many features you won’t find in other monitors, and all the security you’d want, giving new parents and caregivers of all kinds that peace of mind we can never get enough of.


So much control with the touch of a button

Set up the system, with the touch of a button, you can pan, tilt, and zoom the companion camera so you can check in on your baby any time — clearly, securely, and interference-free, even from 1500 feet away. That’s 4 football fields! (Though please don’t put your baby to sleep at the other end of a football field, ha.)

A single button on the Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor lets you pan, tilt, and zoom so easily (sponsor)

On your end, you can see absolutely everything clearly on the portable, 3.5-inch, full-color monitor. and with an extra-long battery life, you can listen for up to 13 hours of standby time, and five full hours of continuous baby time.


Made to soothe…the baby, not just you.

But the system is not just built for monitoring, it’s designed to help babies actually fall asleep — or back asleep as the case often is. The camera actually has gentle, soothing sounds built right in, including 5 different kinds of white noise and a whole selection of lullabies.

Of course there’s also a secure 2-way talking and listening feature, because gently reassuring your baby with your very own voice is often the best bet of all.

The Panasonic Long Range Baby monitor has a reach of 1500 feet, up 16 hours of battery time and built in lullabies and white noise (sponsor)
It’s kind of cute. And friendly. Nice bonus for a piece of technology that’s going to have a home in a baby’s room.  


Senses temperature, motion and sound. 

If that weren’t enough, the monitor system has built-in sensors with customizable alerts you can set. This way you know whether there’s a change in motion or sound you need to investigate — even a change in temperature. Because we know how some babies need their room temperature ever just so.

That added reassurance of a custom alert really can mean a lot.


The easiest set-up, home or away

Why the Panasonic long-range baby monitor is sure to be a registry favorite (sponsor)

Even with all these smart, high-tech features, it’s amazing how easy the Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor is to set up and use right out of the box. There isn’t even any WiFi required for a connection — which means wherever you bring it, you can just plug it in and go.

And yes, you can bring it anywhere, in or outside the home.

Even on a football field. No judgments.

The Panasonic Long Range Baby Monitor is available at a great price right now from Amazon.


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