It’s a clear, gorgeous 65-degree day here today, and it’s the perfect opportunity for me to send my 10-year-old to the back porch with a copy of The Extraordinary Book that Eats Itself — along with permission to do any of the fun eco-friendly activities in this book in his free time today.

He’s my conscientious nature-lover who hates being bored inside, and this new activity book, filled with eco-friendly activities, is going to be so much fun for him.

Especially with Earth Day coming up soon.

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The Extraordinary Book that Eats Itself | Cool Mom Picks book review

The book is all about practical ways your kids can make positive impacts on the climate, and I know that with so many kids really conscientious about the environment climate, and earth stewardship, the activities will feel more like fun challenges rather than heavy obligations.

FWIW, my son is the one kid in our family who asks if we can have “no electricity nights,” in which we play cards or board games by candlelight to save on energy consumption. But I don’t think a kid has to be that devoted to the case, to enjoy the book. It may even inspire them to get more involved in the first place.

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Kids slowly take apart The Extraordinary Book that Eats Itself as they complete the activities inside.

Activities include making warm drinks on cold days or cold drinks on warm days rather than turning your air conditioning up or down. It teaches you how to use a leftover spaghetti jar and food scraps to build your own worm farm for composting. There’s even a fun plastic-use checklist they can use to track the ways your family reduces their plastic use over time.

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So many cool kids' eco-friendly activities in The Extraordinary Book that Eats Itself

But what makes this book so extraordinary is that it eats itself; every page can be ripped out and turned into an eco-friendly activity.

One page should be wrapped around your worm farm to make it dark and cool. Another turns into a fan to cool yourself on warm days. Another transforms into 10 cool bookmarks you can share with your friends. Even the cover gets re-used. So clever.

If you have eco-minded kids who are always ready for something fun to do, then you’ll want The Extraordinary Book that Eats Itself on hand for those warm spring and summer days. Hey, it’ll even make for some great rainy-day inspiration for those bored kids too. Find it from our affiliate Amazon, or support your local indie bookseller.