As moms ourselves, we can say that photos gifts for Mother’s Day are one of our favorite gift ideas, especially these days when so many of the pics of our kids (and with our kids) are sitting on our phones or hard drives.

That’s why we’re so excited to be working with our sponsor TilePix, whose super fun framed photos (or pix) make such a cool gift idea. Not only can they make hanging a bunch of your favorite photos super easy and very cool, but they can take a single fab photo and make it a work of art with their Splits feature.

If you’re gift shopping for the special mom in your life (or hey, maybe that’s you and you’re looking for links to send as hints), check out these fun ways you can turn a special photo (or gallery) into a very cool Mother’s Day gift. -Kristen

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1. Your Top 9, now on your wall 

Mother's Day gift idea: Use your Instagram photos to make a cool wall art piece with TilePix | sponsor

If you’ve got 9 favorite photos (ala the Instagram Top 9), or even more – 21? 28? I can keep going! – TilePix makes it super easy to display them on the wall, whether you want to make a big splash on a totally open wall, or have some space to fill around other hangings. You can take all your favorite pics, load them up on the TilePix app, and turn them into wall art, no tools required. Yep, they’re hung with magnets (with lots of room for error), so you don’t have to worry about doing anything but sticking and hanging. It’s so easy!

2. That one amazing photo, bumped up 12 notches

Oh you know what I mean! You’ve got that one photo of your kid (or kids) that’s so amazing and the 8 x 10 or 11 x17 just does not do it any justice. Even if you don’t have a gigantic wall like I did that was totally empty, you can still turn one photo into a super cool piece of art with the TilePix Splits feature. Watch the video above to see how the photo of my daughter is now a huge, amazing piece of art on my wall.

3. Turn your kid’s art into wall art

TilePix lets you turn your favorite kids art into wall art | sponsored

I’ve got lots of pieces of our kids’ art all over my home, and to be honest, I don’t feel like a lot of it gets the acknowledgement it deserves. If you’ve got old Mother’s Day cards they’ve made you, or little crafts they’ve brought home from school, here’s a cool idea: Photograph them, and then turn them into TilePix. I actually did this with all of my kids’ ceramics and it looks so cool. Check out this video that shows you all the ways I tried to display them, which might look familiar), plus you’ll see how easy it is to hang the TilePix. You could pop this up on a wall in her bedroom so she wakes up to it on Mother’s Day.

Special Offer from TilePix: Save 60% off (whoa!) your order of 12 tiles or more PLUS free FedEx shipping with code COOLMOMS. And thanks so much to our sponsor TilePix for making it so easy (and cool) to display our favorite memories.