We love the idea of gifts that keep on giving, long after the celebration is over, which is why we’re so fond of photo gifts for Father’s Day. Sure, it’s not golf t-shirt or pair of cufflinks (no offense to either, of course), but we think there’s something so special about seeing dads doing their dad thing, and the people who love them, up on a wall.

One simple but super cool way to showcase your fave photos: our sponsor TilePix, whose cool photo tiles can be used to create galleries or fabulous pieces of art on your wall, no tools required. Their magnet system makes it easy to hang them, and move them around, which Kristen’s kids had a ball doing in our recent video (check it out below – it’s hilarious!).

You can also add fun messages too, whether it’s hearts or numbers and letters, which just add an extra personal touch to an already personalized gift. The only hard part is choosing which photos of the amazing dad in your life to turn into TilePix. Though, considering you can fit a whole bunch of TilePix on a wall, maybe you don’t have to choose! The more of the best dad ever, the better.

Special offer! Save 60% off 12 or more tiles, plus free shipping, with code COOLMOMS on your TilePix order. Go go go!