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We’re only now coming to understand how to help our kids process the hardship and loss they’ve experienced these past couple of years. We’ve always turned to children’s books as a tool for exploring difficult topics, which is why we’re so grateful for The Longest Storm, a heartwarming new picture book.

Written and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino, who you may recognize as the genius behind kid favorites like Oswald and the Backyardigans, this moving story is about a strange storm that no one knew from where it had come, and why it lasted so long. The family has to hunker down together and stay inside, which is quite a challenge when there’s nothing to do, and everyone is getting on each others’ nerves. Sound familiar?

The Longest Storm, by Dan Yaccarino, is a beautiful story about making it through the pandemic | sponsor

While The Longest Storm does hit close to home, whether your family has struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic, or through other hardships, its optimistic vision of a family navigating how to love and support one another through the challenge, even when their everyday world has shrunk beyond recognition, is uplifting and hopeful. It’s a beautiful way to start conversations with your kids about how to overcome conflict, even when it seems impossible.

And because we know that there will always be difficulties in life, we imagine that The Longest Storm will be a frequently-read reminder of how connection and resilience can help us prevail in the face of whatever is thrown our way, which is a message we all need to remember, every single day.

You can purchase The Longest Storm wherever you buy your books. This has been a sponsored post for mineditionUS.