While a great number of people seem to be flipping out about kids learning “critical race theory” in elementary school [ed note: it’s taught in law schools, not elementary schools], we’re grateful that our readers have always been interested in anti-racism resources for kids of all ages. And we’ve found a really good one for you in Mighty Kind.

This quarterly magazine for children covers all kinds of fun and fascinating topics relevant to today’s kids — Olympics, inventions, natural wonders, storytelling, and more. They’re the kind of topics that kids will be naturally drawn to, and this mom thinks it’s pretty great too!

All of the content focuses on kindness and compassion as the foundation for anti-bias education, without hitting kids over the head with the concepts.

The idea is to expose kids to some underrepresented perspectives, while giving parents guidance on conversation starters so we can go deeper with their kids on our own.

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Anti-racism resources for kids: The Mighty Kind magazine Olympics issue, which teaches kids compassion and kindness through the Olympics.


In each issue of Mighty Kind, you’ll find biographies of diverse, influential people, challenges that push kids to think creatively and problem solve, along with those coloring and activity pages that keep it fun.

For example, the Olympics issue includes cultural background on Japan, profiles of lesser-known athletes, as well as tips for how to be a great teammate. It’s definitely fun, light, engaging content. But, what I really love is how the writers also shows young readers how they can apply tips on being a good teammate to other situations, like being an ally in their schools and communities.

What a great common-sense connection for kids!

Other issues focus topics like exploring food around the world, inventions, natural wonders, and storytelling.

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Anti-racism resources for kids: The storytelling issue of Mighty Kind magazine helps kids see life from another's perspective.

Some sample pages

"Go into the world and be mighty kind": A printable poster from Mighty Kind magazine for kids

A printable poster for your home or classroom

Bottom line: Iif you’re looking for helpful anti-racism resources for kids, or simply a more modern and timely perspective on the world kids are growing up in, then subscribe to Mighty Kind.

Whether you’re a homeschool parent like me, or a teacher or parent working to raise kids who will spread kindness, inclusivity, and compassion in their daily lives, I think you’ll love it.

You can subscribe to Mighty Kind. which aims to inspire a global community of kids who care to celebrate diversity and feel empowered to take action towards a kinder world.