We’ve been so grateful to our recent expert Spawned guests who have offered their help in navigating these last two years with our kids. And this week’s expert, Mara Koffmann, is no exception. She shares her expertise from years working with kids and families as co-founder of Braintrust Tutors, especially in the area of executive function skills. These are the extremely important skills that help us plan, focus attention, and manage multiple tasks successfully (just to name a few).

In this episode, she goes a little deeper into how kids learn executive function skills, how the pandemic (and well, stress, anxiety, and other environmental factors), can affect them, and what parents can do if they see their kids struggling, plus a whole lot more.

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What you need to know about executive function skills| Spawned podcast Episode 266

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Mara: Stephen King books. She’s obsessed!

Liz: Yellowjackets, a new show that’s getting a ton of worthy buzz.

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