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Instilling a love of music and supporting your child’s passion for the arts just got a whole lot easier and more affordable, thanks to Virtu.Academy, a convenient online platform that offers private music lessons for any instrument or voice type.

With a mission to make high-quality music lessons accessible to everyone, Virtu.Academy offers their services starting at just $29. Perfect for kids of all ages and experience levels, including adults too, these online, one-on-one music lessons can be taken right in the comfort of your own home. No driving, parents!

Virtu.Academy offers online music lessons at affordable prices | sponsored

Finding an experienced music teacher with studio openings can be pretty tricky these days, not to mention the challenge of balancing busy schedules, which is why so many families love that they’re able to easily find lesson openings with Grammy winners and Juilliard musicians, with just a couple of clicks. And best of all, you can ensure that your teacher is the right fit for your student (or you) with 50% off a trial lesson.

So, if you have a child who’s been begging to start the violin, or hey, you’ve always wanted to learn guitar but just couldn’t find the time (or the extra money in your budget), you don’t need to wait any longer! Schedule a trial lesson with Virtu.Academy for 50% off, with lessons starting at just $29.

This was a sponsored post on behalf of Virtu.Academy