As Easter gets closer, sitting down with Ukrainian Easter egg coloring pages and crayons or markers opens the door to talk to our kids about what they’re coloring — just as we mentioned in our roundup of 21 fabulous, famous International Women’s History Month coloring pages.

We love how coloring pages of exquisite Ukrainian Easter eggs, known as pysanka, will not only help your kids create beautiful art based on a traditional craft, but also open the door to talking about about the attack on Ukraine by Russia right now.

After all, our kids may be seeing memes about WWIII or hearing tragic news reports and struggling to comprehend it all. And, since I often find it hard to talk about tough subjects with young kids without making it sound like a classroom lecture, I like using the idea of using these coloring pages as a way to open dialogue about Ukraine.

Plus, it’s a lot more kid-friendly to work with paper and crayons and not the delicate blown-out eggs, natural dyes, and wax needed to create authentic pysanka eggs. (Though hey, go for it if you’re up for a more advanced craft!

Top Photos from Zen Bird Studio

Ukrainian "Pysanka" Easter egg coloring pages all supporting Ukrainian artists and organizations

I’ve only selected Ukrainian Easter egg Coloring Page downloads here that actually support Ukrainian causes and often, the Ukrainian artists themselves,, so your kids can feel good that they are helping in even a tiny way.

This post contains affiliate links and some purchases may generate a small commission at no additional cost to you — and no additional cost to the artists — that helps support our own independent team

Traditional Ukrainian Easter egg coloring page by Kyiv's Ken Bird Studio

Nika Shmeleva of Zen Bird Studio has three stunning digital downloads with the intricate pysanka design on Easter egg coloring pages (including an incredible Easter bunny) that can be purchased for just around $1 each! She is based out of Kyiv and cannot ship any of her other products until the situation improves, so this is a great way to support her shop right now.


18 pages of Ukrainian Easter egg coloring pages from The Ukrainian Museum will keep the kids busy until Easter


Located in New York City, the Ukrainian Museum is the largest U.S. museum dedicated to preserving the cultural and artistic heritage of Ukrainians. You can help support their mission by purchasing this extensive collection of 18 entire Ukrainian Easter egg coloring pages packed full of designs, which should keep the kids busy until Easter Sunday. Maybe you’ll even find something else you love in their shop while you’re there.

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Heart-filled Ukrainian Easter egg design can be downloaded for your kids (or you!) to color

Hanna Weiss’ CuteCraftiez’s Etsy shop is based out of Odessa, Ukraine, a port city that has been under attack by the Russian military. In fact, in a show of extraordinary resolve and strength, Odessa’s opera and ballet theater countered the invasion by blasting Don’t Worry Be Happy, along with the Ukrainian National Anthem.

For just $2.99 each, her illustrations, like this beautiful heart-filled Ukranian Easter egg coloring page, can be automatically downloaded as she waits for the situation to stabilize.

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Support Ukraine with these Easter egg coloring pages from Peace in Ukraine on Etsy

A Ukrainian-Canadian living in Nova Scotia, Elvira Korablinova has pledged 100% of any proceeds from her shop Peace In Ukraine to providing food, medicine and other support to a good friend living in Odessa, Ukraine. Her two psyanka Ukrainian Easter egg coloring pages cost just about $4 each to download, and include text to teach kids about the word and how these eggs are made.

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Downloadable Ukrainian Easter egg artwork from Balab Olka Art

Whimsical and fun, Easter eggs can be found hidden in this Ukranian Easter-themed doodle sheet from Kyiv’s Olka Kostenko of Balab Olka Art on Etsy. Download this sheet for only $3, and also consider purchasing her powerful “no war” doodle sheet as well. It’s a sentiment we all share.

Sunny Coloring's Ukrainian Easter egg coloring books have enough pages to share

Families with prolific colorers will love the entire downloadable coloring books from Ukrainian Etsy shop Sunny Coloring Page. Whether you prefer the geometric patterned Easter egg illustrations or the floral Ukrainian Easter egg illustrations on your coloring pages, for just over $2 each print (with unlimited copies/downloads), your purchases will support Ukrainian’s Olga Rakovets during this challenging time.

Super Coloring's free Ukrainian Easter egg coloring pages

A Ukrainian and one of Super Coloring’s founders, Evgen Silin, offered lots of downloads for Easter, including several psyanky Ukrainian Easter egg coloring page designs. In addition, each image can be colored digitally online in case that’s easier to set up for your kids, or they want to doodle on the go.

While Super Coloring does not ask for payment for these designs, they do provide a list of things we can all do to help support Ukraine, because there are just so many of them.