Two years ago, Crayola introduced the Colors of the World crayons, which included a veritable rainbow of 24 skin tone crayons that not only celebrate diversity, but create an opportunity for kids to learn respect for others and more fully represent themselves. The line has grown to include colored pencils, markers, construction paper, and more.

And now, we can all help get  the entire line of Crayola Colors of the World products into classrooms through the efforts of a non-profit called The Crayon Project.

They have a lofty goal  to get inclusive, multicultural art supplies into every classroom in the U.S. by 2025 and we want to help.

Here’s more about how it works.

Support The Crayon Project, a non-profit making sure US classrooms are a place for inclusion and diversity | cool mom picks

The Crayon Project was founded by Beth Ann and Kevin Bligh as a grassroots response to various acts of social injustice. Today, it’s a fully recognized, national 501c-3 non-profit that’s reinforcing the idea that that hatred is not inherited, it is learned — and therefore can be unlearned.

They believe that this is a particularly crucial time for our society to reinforce to children that all humans, regardless of skin color, are human beings and worth of respect and dignity.

I couldn’t love this more.

You can help this effort by¬†making a donation — anything from $5 to support one student or $500 to support an entire school district art program. ¬†And if you are an educator, or know any teachers or administrative staff who could benefit from this program, it’s a simple process to sign up; ¬†educators simply have to request a care package. Our donations cover the costs of the materials and shipping, and The Crayon Project gets that much closer to a truly important goal.

Top Image: Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash