No sooner did we all feel the relief of the George Floyd verdict last week, that even more Black Americans were needlessly shot and killed by police officers. It’s upsetting, it’s infuriating, it’s terrifying. And we all need speak up and work toward the long overdue, morally essential change that’s needed to create a more equitable future for all of our kids.

So we’re wanted to rerun this wonderful 2020 interview with Rene Syler, a veteran broadcast journalist, witty author, prolific public speaker and Black mom of two. She offers incredibly thoughtful insight and guidance on speaking up about racism, especially if you don’t know where to start, and how to identify it in ways you might not have considered.


Speaking out about racism, and where to start: Guidance from Rene Syler

If you’ve heard this interview, it’s a perfect time for a refresher; or if it’s new to you, we hope you’ll get a lot out of it. It’s every bit as relevant as it was last summer. Or as Rene put it when we spoke, “Here we are. Again.”

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Some of Rene’s Recommendations

Broadcast journalist, speaker, and author Rene Syler on why we need to speak up about racism in America right now | Spawned Podcast

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And of course you can follow Rene at @GoodEnufMother on Twitter, on Instagram, and on her personal  Facebook page for all the good unfiltered political talk. And humor! Also check out Communicators Academy, where she coaches others to be better public speakers too.


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