If you’re like me, there have been a lot of days, especially as of late, where it’s been hard to rally yourself, between the news, the pandemic, and just being a mom. Well, our longtime friend, author, and mom of 4 Jill Krause took her practice of hanging inspirational words and sayings on her mirror, and turned them into something we can all use right now: feelClings.

These clever clings can be easily hung (then repositioned, or taken down, if you so choose) right on your bathroom or bedroom mirror, to give yourself a little boost or helpful reminder each day. Jill has launched 8 designs so far, and will be adding more soon. Here are a couple of my personal faves (which I ordered for my bathroom mirror, and my teens’ too).

feelClings inspirational mirror clings: You are magic feelClings inspirational mirror clings: You are enough


At just $8 each, feelClings make a lovely, affordable gift for friends or family who might need a little encouragement or support, whether you pop them in a card, or just send them on their own. But don’t forget about hanging one on your own mirror. It’s pretty amazing what just a few positive words can do to help kickstart your day.