After two years in a pandemic, I’m sure I’m not the only one with kids who are struggling with various aspects of their social lives. From fostering positive relationships with friends and school peers, to learning effective communication in the many awkward situations kids will find themselves in, it’s our job to help our kids tackle these challenges. Thankfully, we’ve got our copy of What Can I Say, the newest book from former Spawned guest and author Catherine Newman, which is such a smart way to help your tweens and younger teens with these specific issues.

And a great reminder: These social and relational skills are taught! So, even if you don’t think your kids are struggling, this book is such smart guide to ensure your kids know how to do everything from apologizing to friends to being an anti-racist ally. Catherine covers everything in this one book.

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Pro tip: Catch Catherine’s first appearance, which is great for those of you with kids who are close to adulthood.

What Can I Say, a new book by Catherine Newman

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Our Cool Picks of the Week

Year of the Dragon necklace by Peggy Li | 100% of the proceeds donated to Stop AAPI Hate

Catherine: Heartstopper on Netflix. (Kristen agrees: this is the sweetest, most romantic show ever!)

Kristen: In honor of Kristen’s book, A Thousand Miles to Graceland, now available for pre-order (hooray), she wants to also share Peggy Li’s Chinese zodiac necklaces (she finally has dragons!), which support Stop AAPI Hate with 100% of your purchase going to them. How amazing is that?

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