Just when I thought I was pretty aware of what I needed to know about teens and sleep, I got my hands on Lisa L. Lewis’s book The Sleep-Deprived Teen: Why Our Teenagers Are So Tired, And How Parents And Schools Can Help Them Thrive and I realized there was so much I didn’t know. That was all solidified when I chatted with her on our recent episode of Spawned.

Whether you have teens or not, Lisa’s research for this book uncovered why sleep is so important for teens (hint: their brains are growing!), why they’re not getting enough sleep, and what we can do to ensure that they are getting it, and it is so important for parents to hear.

You can listen right now to this super informative episode, but be sure you’re a Spawned subscriber so you never miss an episode.

We cover everything from sleep debt, how long teens should be sleeping, why teens want to stay up later (it’s biological!), why early school start times are so bad, how we can help to better manage their schedules (school classes included) to help them get more sleep, and a whole lot more.

An interview Lisa L. Lewis, author of Sleep-Deprived Teen

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Our Cool Picks of the Week 

Kristen: Pickleball! I’m obsessed. It’s super fun and pretty good exercise.

Lisa: Coop Pillow! Lisa swears by it, and she should know considering she wrote a book about sleep. Also, Madman in the Woods, if you’re looking for a great read.

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