I know we’ve been sharing gifts galore, because hey, that’s what we do this time of year. (And quite well, I might add. Ahem.) But I want to call your attention to one more gift idea that checks all my favorite boxes — it’s from an independent business, it’s run by a super cool woman who basically invented the genre, her work is affordable, and she’s not afraid to push boundaries.

I’m talking about Julie Jackson’s Subversive Cross Stitch.

For under $20 — less if you skip the frame but I love the frame — you can find a selection of tiny Cross Stitch Matchbook Kits complete with holiday themes. The Get Lit Matchbook Kit is the kind of thing you can buy a ton of and give to so many people you know, and the candy cane cross-stitch kit is one of the uh…more PG-13 rated versions. But YMMV.

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Subversive Cross Stitch: Holiday Mini Matchbook KitsLook around her site for tons of holiday designs that range from adorable to hide-it-when-your-in-laws-visit. If you’re a speedy stitcher yourself, you can make your own DIY gifts out of them, or you can give them to crafty friends who would be up for their own project.

Subversive Cross Stitch makes irreverent holiday cross stitch art kits, from PG to hard RNot everything is holiday themed, of course. There are themes like politics, feminism, booze, weed, all waiting to be turned into a cross-stitch necklace, pillowcase and more.

There is a lot here to browse.

Subversive cross stitch compact DIY needlework kit: Well-behaved women One favorite: This  cross-stitch compact that riffs on the famous phrase by Harvard history professor and author Laurel Thatcher Ulrich that’s always misattributed to other women.

Something tells me the quote is just a tiny bit self-referential on Julie’s part. I love her for that.

Shop Subversive Cross Stitch for all your naughty/nice needlework needs. Hurry to make holiday shipping! Or if you’re in more of a rush than that? Check out her instant download PDF patterns