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Whether that little red email badge is showing you 20 unread messages or 20,000, it can be overwhelming to feel like you’ll never get to the bottom of it.

Enter SaneBox.

Trusted by TechCrunch, The New York Times, Forbes and more, since 2010 this clever service has been fixing the most annoying part of the email process — sorting through your inbox and separating what’s important from what’s not.

Thanks to a smart, secure AI-based algorithm tailored just for you, SaneBox learns your email behavior, and actually organizes your inbox for you, saving you a ton of time every single day. (If not every hour.)

You’ll see your most important email messages first, while filtering out the noise, the distractions, the subscriptions and the spam. Whatever is important to you, that’s what SaneBox ensures you see. And that snooze function is a delight.

PC Magazine even called SaneBox “the best thing that has happened to email.”

SaneBox can help you manage your inbox so well, you may even love it again. | cool mom picks with special offer for SaneBox

Best of all, SaneBox works wherever and however you check email, whatever your email address, and whatever email app or service you use.

That inbox will be so clean, organized, and helpful, you may even wonder how you ever lived without it.

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It’s a great deal when you think of what your time is worth. 

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