As the overwhelmingly huge rescue and recovery efforts are underway in southern Türkiye and northern Syria after the devastating 7.8 earthquake, so many of us want to find ways to help the 15 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The numbers of dead keep increasing, as do the numbers of those people in dire need of humanitarian assistance as the brutal winter weather kicks in.

Our readers always have the biggest hearts, and so I’ve put together a quick list of NGOs and other organizations doing meaningful, immediate work on the ground.

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Organizations supporting earthquake relief and humanitarian efforts in Turkey and Syria right now

Be sure to check each organization and see if your donation is earmarked for a specific program or a general fund. These organizations are all transparent, and should give you a clear understanding of where your money is going.

The International Rescue Committee – Note they are currently doubling donations.

The United Nations Rescue Agency (UNHRC)


World Central Kitchen (WCK)

The White Helmets

Doctors Without Borders

Project Hope

Global Giving’s Turkey & Syria Earthquake Relief Fund


The Syrian American Medical Society

Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH)

Our thanks to these incredible organizations that are doing all they can to help in different ways. And of course, our love goes out to everyone impacted by this absolutely horrible tragedy.

Top image: VOA, public domain via Wikimedia Commons