We all want to raise kind, caring, empathic kids, and there’s certainly a lot of discussion about whether technology is helping — or can do more to help. That’s why our team has always worked hard to share those apps that make screen time meaningful, help kids learn, even  help them discover new skills and interests that can guide their lives in positive ways.

The newest to check all the boxes for me: Give As We Grow.

It’s a totally free app, and I am obsessed!

As CMP’s newest partner, Give As We Grow let me try out the beta of their brand new iOS and Android game and it is not only adorable, it’s super fun. It’s safe, there are no in-app purchases, and I love that it encourages children to uncover the issues they care about, then get off their devices and get out in the world and do more. Because research shows that kids who learn the value of giving grow to be adults who are more generous.

Meaningful screen time: Give As We Grow teaches kids real life lessons in giving back and caring and makes it fun

In the Give As We Grow app, kids create an avatar that looks just like them (or maybe with the hair color you won’t let them have just yet), then play fun (really!) mini-games that teach gentle lessons in conservation, helping people in need, taking care of animals, saving water, donating books, eating well, and even finding moments to center yourself. Basically, all the stuff we parents try to teach them too.

Players are rewarded for their successes (they’re beating their own scores, not competing with anyone else), they earn badges, and they get helpful reminders about doing good and giving back.

Best of all, kids can log real-world acts of kindness and giving in the app to earn more badges–whether they gave some of their allowance to a local pet rescue, donated a new game to a holiday toy drive, or helped their community in some other way.

Give As We Grow: A free app teaching kids real life lessons in giving back and caring about the world. And it's fun!

The Give As We Grow app is for kids ages 8-11, though I’d say even kids slightly younger or older will enjoy it. After all, it’s never too early — or late — to think more mindfully about how we can help do good by the world and the people we share it with.  I also like that it was developed by educators, and people who truly want to help kids, with the support of organizations like the global GivingTuesday movement and the National Center for Family Philanthropy.

Oh and my favorite part? The first mini-game asks kids to help with the laundry and fold some socks, with the message that cleaning your space is a good way to take care of your mental well-being, deal with stress, and get your homework done.

(Perhaps a lesson better taught by the game than us parents, ha.)

We are so proud to partner with the The Give As We Grow app to share this message. To help spark a movement in generosity, download it free for iOS or Android. For more resources for the entire family, visit GiveAsWeGrow.org.