If your kids are the age to write letters to Santa—a pretty cute age, we admit—they’ll be floored to get a personalized letter from the big guy himself before he heads out on his annual trip around the world. Instead of using elves this year (they’re busy making the toys, of course), Santa is using a little AI technology at Santa’s Magical Mailroom to help create a custom “handwritten” message from Santa for one little believer at a time. Click over to the site and you’ll see the magic, before you’ve even entered.

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"Personalized" letters from Santa's Magic Mailroom to your children are composed with this unique handwriting printer, all for a donation to Girls Who Code

You’ve got until December 17th to answer three simple question about you child on the Magical Mailroom website: their first name, a highlight from their year, and their favorite thing about this season. Faster than you can say falalalala, a letter is composed that seamlessly incorporates your prompts into the text. With a $20 donation to Girls Who Code, the letter is forwarded to a special “handwriting” printer that uses a real pen to compose each letter. Then it is folded and placed in a peppermint-scented red envelope and mailed via USPS to the lucky child. (Sorry, no reindeer involved in this step.) The finished product reads nothing like a fill-in-the-blank, Mad Libs-style letter; your answers are woven seamlessly into the text.

Does this mean AI is taking over Santa’s job? We’d like to think it’s just making his job a little bit easier, while raising money for girls who will grow up to put that technology to good use. Like making holiday magic.

Kudos to Austin-based ad agency Hunt, Gather for the wonderful idea for personalized letters to children from Santa that give back to Girls Who Code, Be sure to get your letter started before 12/17/2023!