One of the things that I’ve started doing over the past few years is signing up for practical subscriptions that get delivered to me every few months or so. It’s saving me time, saving me money (a lot!), and saving me a whole lot of hassle when I’m like “oh crap, I’m out of Vitamin D and I do not want to spend drugstore prices on a new bottle.”

While new parents know to subscribe to diapers and wipes in bulk, or pet food subscriptions, with the new year here, I thought I’d share the a few of the subscriptions that have really helped me personally — and you might not have considered.

Plus, we found you some limited time discounts too, so take advantage!

Practical Subscriptions That Are Big Time & Money Savers

Practical Subscription Ideas that save so much time and money: Set them up to get your year started!

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As you well know, there’s pretty much a subscription box for everyone and everything — including these practical ideas here. My tip: Get a larger number of items in fewer shipments to cut back on the environmental impact and extra packaging. Provided you have room to store everything, of course. (Says the woman with the NYC apartment!)

A subscription of sponges that don’t make you hate washing dishes

Skura's antimicrobial Skrubby Sponges: practical subscription ideas to save you time, money and energy

Skura Style antimicrobial sponges: Stylish and practical subscription box idea

Antimicrobial Sponge Subscription from Skura Style 
Now 20% off with code TWENTY on your first order

After reading the report about the bacteria harbored by sponges, it freaked out even this totally-not-a-germaphobe. So when two friends of mine started a company to build a better sponge a few years ago, I tried one out — and I have been a paid subscriber ever since. They’re designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and odors, and do a remarkable job cleaning. It’s amazing what a difference it makes to wash dishes with a sponge that doesn’t stink to high hell.

For $12, Skura Style will deliver 4 of their stylish Skrubby Sponges every month or every other month — and yeah, I just said “stylish sponges.”  If you use more, they have larger subscriptions that can include other cleaning essentials, only made better.

Skura sponges are so good that Eva Mendes fell in love with them too and now she’s the co-owner. As far as I’m concerned that makes me 2-degrees from Ryan Gosling, right?

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A coffee subscription. Because cofffeeeeee.

Subscriptions that save me time and money this year: Lavazza ground coffee deliveries

Lavazza Classico Ground Coffee 6-Pack Subscription
Just under $6 each pack through Subscribe and Save on Amazon. (That’s a lot of cups of coffee!)

I am an unapologetic coffee fiend, and after much trial and error, we have decided that Lavazzo makes the best everyday drip coffee in my Melitta carafe, and the best cold brew in the Summer. (This is my favorite cold brew maker and there’s a funny story about it here.)

I’m willing to pay a little more for the ground coffee since I go through so much, and it’s just $34 for the entire 6-pack — that’s a lot of savings compared with Target, Walmart, or any supermarket — let alone spending $6 for one iced coffee in my neighborhood! So now I get a 6-pack of 12 oz ground beans delivered every two months, and I never run out.  And I still spend a little exploring good whole beans from indie roasters too. Because there’s one thing this mom can never have too much of, and that’s coffee.

A vitamin subscription, because I’m prioritizing my health

Best affordable vitamin subscription: NatureMade will deliver as often as you need, and you save 30%!

Naturemade Subscribe-and-Save Vitamin Delivery
Now 25% off with code CMP25 on orders $30+ plus free delivery

Like me, one of your New Year’s resolutions is probably some form of “take care of my body.”

At my annual physical last year, my Vitamin D levels were frighteningly low, so I ordered a Vitamin D subscription (125mcg) and committed to taking one every day. By the appointment, my doctor was happy to report I’m in the good zone! Now I’m adding in Omega-3 Fish Oil Vitamins because my mom has been begging me to do that for years now. While I’m at it, I’ll probably add the Men’s Multivitamin to my subscription, to get my partner taking more vitamins too. While saving money. While saving me from running out to the store and spending a fortune on single bottles, which oof. Expensive.

A toothbrush subscription, because the whole family needs it

Subscriptions to save you time + money: Quip toothbrush's new oral health bundles for the family

Toothbrush Subscription from Quip
Save $15 on your first subscription refill when you sign up for emails

For years now, my whole family has been delighted Quip toothbrush users. Hooray for the soft-bristled brush heads that my dentist recommends. I love the swanky looking battery-operated vibrating toothbrushes, they work great, and each person in our family can choose a different colored base so we know whose is whose. (I have the rose gold, of course.)  The original set starts at $25 (now on sale), with refill brush heads and a new battery every 3 months for just $7.

Since then, they’ve added items like eco-friendly refillable dental floss, mouthwashes, travel bags, and more — and you can get your favorite combo of items through a custom Quip bundle. My reco: skip the toothpaste unless you really love it.

Soap refills, because it’s cold & flu season every season when you have kids

Subscriptions that safe you time, money + energy in the new year: Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap refills

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap Refill Subscription
5%-15% off with Amazon Subscribe and Save

We have up to four kids in our house at any given time, not counting friends so we go through a lot of hand soap. Mrs. Meyer’s soap is wonderful, but a little pricey at our local shops. So I now get an automatic delivery every 4-6 weeks of the 33 oz Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap refills from Amazon. It’s also an eco-friendlier choice than buying an entirely new pump bottles each time, and I add additional items into the subscription to cut back on boxes.

Check the math: The pump bottle is $0.44/oz at my local pharmacy, but those giant refills are just $7.97 with a subscription — or $0.25/oz. Add in 4 more items for a 15% savings, and now you’re getting all your soap about 50% off. Highly recommend lavender and lemon verbena — or rosemary when it’s in stock.

What do you love subscribing to? Feel free to let us know in comments. Psst… I’m going to follow up with some favorite cosmetic subscriptions too!