The Spawned Parenting Podcast is back and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m excited to get back to what I love most — helping us get through the ups and downs of parenting together, especially today when we all seem to need support more than ever.

I am honored to kick off the new season with guest Jaclyn Lindsey, the remarkable founder and CEO of

We’re talking about what the science of kindness can teach us about raising kind humans. Jaclyn shares what we’re doing right, what we’re getting wrong, and offers some super-practical tips we can put to use as parents. (If you have young kids, the kindness jar idea is brilliant.) We talk about the difference between being nice and being kind — and she lets us in on some common “acts of kindness” that…don’t really make an impact at all. Oops.

Get ready to learn a ton. I definitely did.

Kindness is genetic. Every human has it in our genes. But also, we can cultivate it like a habit. It’s something we can grow.
-Jaclyn Lindsey, Founder and CEO of

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A quick and important  note:

If you’re a regular Spawned podcast listener you’ll notice that there are a few big changes with the show starting this week. The biggest is that Kristen has moved on to devote her time to writing children’s books and following her dreams. (Go Kristen!)  With me flying solo, I’ve thought a lot about what I want the show to be. These days, the world is so fragmented and polarized that I want to find the things that unite us instead of divide us, the topics that lift us up, and the guests who can help us all grow and learn together. So each week, I’ll be joined by compelling experts, best-selling authors, inspiring leaders, therapists, scientists, comedians, and even some fabulous celebrities.

I know how limited your time is, and I hope you’ll get something out of each episode that makes it worth your while. – Liz

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