This week, I’m talking to #1 New York Times bestselling author, Brad Meltzer, fresh off his viral commencement address at The University of Michigan about empathy, transformation, growth, compassion, and…magic.

(Were you thinking I’d be covering that other commencement speech people are talking about? Nope. This one is much better.)

We discuss Brad’s description of kindness as a “naive ideal worth fighting for,” the need for more empathy online, his love for the Harlem Globetrotters, and why he believes one person can change the world. Plus, he shares some deeply personal stories of kindness that changed his life — including one in a random men’s room.

You are going to love what he has to say.

If you really want to shock the world, unleash your kindness. That’s a completely naive idea, but it’s an idea worth fighting for.
-Brad Meltzer

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Brad: AllSides Media is a website sharing side-by-side news articles from different political perspectives. He’s also a big fan of kettle corn. (We get the giant Angie’s Boomchickpop bags at Costco.)

Liz: I’ve Venn Thinking is a super fun party card game to play with the teens


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