For our final podcast in our Insider Guide to the College Application Process, I thought we’d do things a little differently.  This week, we gathered questions that teens themselves gave us about college admissions and applications — and I’m joined by two special guests to help give them answers.

First, Alyse Levine,, top college counseling expert and founder/CEO of Premium Prep.

Next… Sage! My own 17-year-old rising senior daughter joined me to ask questions (and some great follow-ups!) on behalf of other high school students, including some of her friends. (Please note she wants me to reassure everyone, including her teachers, that this was not her question.)

A top counselor answers teens' own questions about college admissions -- they are very different from parent questions! | Spawned Podcast from Cool Mom Picks

Take a listen right here or on your favorite podcasting app — and stick around for LOTS of cool picks of the week and some fantastic deals from our sponsors.

Cool Picks of the Week: Alyse explains her love of farmer’s markets, raves about the Béis Backpack for travel, and recommends the Libby app for borrowing free ebooks from your library. Sage highly recommends The Last Train to Key West by Channel Cleeton, which hooked her from the first sentence. We discuss the joy of little lending libraries, and Liz urges every parent to check out The Guide to Gen Z Slang that Sage helped to write. She shares her own favorite phrase these days.


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