Browsing through the early Prime Day deals on Amazon and looking for some camp care package gifts for my kids, I came across a deal that was made for me: The hands-free, USB-charged neck fan I have been craving for ages.

After sitting through the hottest, sweatiest, no-AC theater performance at my daughter’s school, I saw a fellow mom wearing one and briefly considered falling on my knees and begging to borrow it for the second act. Instead, I just asked her where she got it, and she pointed me to this one.

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Portable neck fan with USB charge on sale on Amazon
It looks a lot better in person than this weird photoshopped image, promise

Right now, the neck fan 36% off, so it’s down to $25 instead of $40. With nearly 4,800 5-star ratings — plus one from another always-hot mom of a certain age (ahem) — I’m sold. In fact, mine is arriving tomorrow.

I may never leave home without it again.

Portable USB charge fan on sale at Amazon

Should you prefer a portable fan that you don’t wear around your neck, I also spotted this SmartDevil portable USB fan for $15.99. It comes in a few colors, and it’s smart-looking in that black and woodgrain finish too. So convenient for travel, or just sitting in a too-hot coffee shop working on my laptop this summer.

Alternately, there’s a small portable clip-on SmartDevil fan designed for strollers, but it’s not just for strollers. Because of that flexible, octopus-style tripod, my daughter uses one like this attached to her bunk bed rail. $25 beats what we’d pay cranking the AC on 65 all night — something we’re really trying to avoid this year. Update: We found promo code 30HW2UA3 — use at checkout to save another 30% off either of the 2 SmartDevil fans

So, three choices, and in my sweaty humidity-hating opinion, all worth it. Stay cool out there!

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