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Kids recreate the Black Panther posters, and it's everything


Sometimes a movie means a lot more than just a movie. Take a look at this spectacular photo series and why it’s so meaningful for more kids to see themselves reflected back in their on-screen heroes.

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7 free budget apps to help keep your family (and money) on track in 2018

Whether you’re trying to stick to a budget or just get your finances in order, we’ve tracked down 7 free family budgeting apps that could help you track spending, save some cash, pay off bills and more!

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This personalized cookies for Santa plate is magical

Leaving cookies for Santa is one of the most magical things about Christmas in my family. Cookies are somehow there on Christmas Eve, and gone on Christmas morning! What is this sorcery?! So when I saw the personalized cookies for Santa plate in our 2017 Holiday Gift...

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