How to deal with mean girls: Expert tips to build resilience and strength in our daughters

Check out these truly encouraging, helpful, uplifting tips from a top expert for keeping our girls strong and confident — even in the face of their own Regina George.

9 lovely children's books about the immigrant experience to help encourage more kindness and empathy

These children’s books are a helpful way to get some difficult conversations started and difficult questions answered.

Bookmark this list: 50 screen-free ideas for kids this summer!

From outdoor play to rainy day fun, creative inspiration to educational ideas, this is an amazing list to print out and tack to the fridge for every time a kid says, I’M BOOOOOOORED…

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We found 7 swimsuit brands that celebrate women's diverse bodies. Yes!

Let’s commit to getting in the water with our kids this summer in one of these awesome suits made for women with A cups, DDD cups, booties and bellies, and curves of all kinds.

The app that's bringing positivity into our news feeds

Uplifting stories, empowerment, inspiration, and self-care for women…all in one app. Yes, please.

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Screen-Free Fun is the remedy for “I’m bored.”

This week is National Screen-Free week, our kids' favorite week of the year. Ha! We love hearing from our readers about the different ways you manage screen time at home, including some of the tricks you've picked up from Cool Mom Tech. Lots of you have strict rules...

8 easy Earth-inspired Earth Day crafts for kids

We try to emphasize how important it is to love our planet every day with our kids, but Earth Day presents a chance to really dig in. One of the funnest, most effective ways of doing that:  Earth Day crafts for kids! So here are a few awesome — and awesomely easy —...

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