Spring fashion trends: How is this not The Onion?


We break down some of the hot fashion trends for spring that are hitting the stores, for an honest look at what we can wear, what we can’t…and what seems like designers just flat-out punking us.

Easter crafts, egg-decorating, gifts and treats? Got you covered!


From no-mess/no-dye Easter egg decorating ideas, to free printables, to allergy-free treats, to non-candy Easter basket gifts (yes, we found the good ones!) we’ve got tons of ideas to help make your Easter a terrific one. But it’s early this year — hop to it!

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Somebunny stop us.

5 terrific children's books to help us raise activist kids


So many ways to put all that caring, passion and energy to excellent use.

Trending right now. As in this second.

You are listening to our podcast, right?

So much coolness. Where to start…

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna | Editors Top 10 of the Year

Read Rihanna's mission statement for her new Fenty Beauty line and it was a contender for our top 10 of the year before we even tried it. The brand was "created for everyone: for women of all shades, personalities, attitudes, cultures and races. I wanted everyone to...

Wow in the World Podcast | Editors Top 10 of the Year

We knew you when, Mindy Thomas! Well, she was already a huge star on Kids Place Live, but now her new NPR podcast with co-host Guy Raz has blown up the airwaves. And for good reason. Wow in the World is a truly fantastic listen for kids of all ages. Whether you've got...

LEGO Tape | Editors Top 10 of the Year

If your house is covered in LEGOs like our homes are covered in LEGOs, you're probably as excited as we were to discover this LEGO tape. Yes, your kids can actually stick it to surfaces, then build on it with their LEGO blocks, which is why it's one of our Editors Top...

Unicorn Vans | Editors Top 10 of the Year

The second we spotted these Unicorn Vans in bigger kid sizes, we knew they would make our kids freak out. And well, they did, along with our Facebook fans, and their lucky kids. See the rest of our Editor Top 10 Picks of the Year here! Now, we've seen our fair share...

The Wonder Movie | Editors Top 10 of the Year

Each year, we put together our editors' picks for our favorite finds of the past year. This year, instead of sorting by category, we thought we'd pare it down our top 10 discoveries of 2017, and roll them out right up until New Year. It's been a tough year in a lot of...

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