Gemini: There is Twice the Drool in Your Future

Today the sun enters Gemini.

Oh admit it, you love that stuff. Who among us doesn’t feverishly turn to her local paper’s horoscope page on her children’s birthdays and look up "For those born on this date…"
In any case, it’s hard to resist the line of children’s zodiac tees from AG Bella. Every one of the charming illustrated birthsigns is printed on a colorful patch and hand-stitched onto super high-quality tees, bodysuits or loungepants. I’ve seen them in person and they’re really nicely made.
Besides, we love the story behind AG Bella; more than a mom-and-pop, it’s a mom-and-mom-and- caregiver operation. Melanie York and Lindsey Long create their charming designs with the help of Melanie’s caregiver cum graphic designer, Susan Dahl. Judging from her creative streak, we’re betting she’s got a little Pisces in her. –Liz

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  • Reply May 23, 2006


    I have a baby Gemini and it’s scary. The two baby thing is right on. Somebody help me.

  • Reply May 26, 2006


    I feel for you, Tracey. My daughter is a Leo, and her mood lately has been GGGRRRRRR. Still, it’s the princess tee from AG bella that she will NOT take off. Their stuff is BEYOND adorable… I’ve been giving their “Just Hatched” gift sets to all my friends having babies. Sooo sweet.

  • Reply May 26, 2006


    I agree with you Joan. The ‘just hatched’ gift sets make great new baby gifts. I have given them to all my friends with new babies. They are adorable!!

  • Reply May 27, 2006

    Pat Casey

    I just received the baby cancer onsie and I was so impressed with the quality, packaging and origionality of the onsie. With five grandchildren I am going to get one for each of my little zodiac stars. Thanks for such a great product.
    Pat Casey

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