Knit One, Laugh Two

Back when I was decorating the nursery, I was not exactly in love with the cookie-cutter mobiles in all of the baby chain stores. Come to think of it, if they had actually been cookie cutters I’d have liked them way more than the cheaply assembled satin ballerinas or polyester barnyard animals hanging from plastic hangers.If only the mobiles at Bla Bla Kids had been around then, I’d have been delighted. Imagine whimsical, meticulously hand-knit animals like an elephant girl riding a whale (shown at left) a daisy-sniffing cow atop a green bird in a Panama hat; or a more traditional mobile featuring an entire circus full of jungle animals, each performing acts of daring on a flying trapeze.
While the baby is certainly the centerpiece of the nursery, the mobile is arguably the second thing you notice. I say, invest in one from Bla Bla Kids and have one that really, truly makes you smile. –Nancy

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    Come on. COould that be any cuter??

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