“Back in My Day, We Walked To School. Uphill. Both Ways.”

In my experience, there are two kinds of grandparents. Those who start every conversation with, "did I tell you the one about ________?" And before you even get to answer, they’re regaling you with every minute detail (again) about The Time I Met Carl from the Army or The Time I Went to The Store and It Was Closed.
Then there are those who need a little more help in the storytelling department. For that second group, there is a fabulous solution. Between Me and You: A Few Things I’ve Been Meaning to Ask is a series of hardcover journals to help record and preserve the family stories for your child. Each page offers a simple writing prompt–up to 45 in all–like what do you remember most about being a kid? Or what are your favorite memories of your father? Instant family memoir.The real beneficiary of these books, of course, are your kids, who are going to love reading about how Grandma met Grandpa, long after they’ve outgrown Curious George. -LizMention "I’m a cool mom" in the comments section when you order two or more journals and get free shipping.

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    My birthmother and I are getting to know each other. This would be an excellent tool for us to use. Hadn’t thought of it until I saw this post :) Thanks!

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