Month: March 2006

Purl with a Purpose

I’m a winter knitter. I have no problem creating toasty scarves and booties when the weather is chilly – but for some reason, when my butt is roasting on a lovely 85 degree March day here in Mississippi, I have a little more difficulty motivating myself to grab my needles and go. Luckily, I am no longer a bad-weather knitter since finding Knitting for Charity, a wonderful organization that provides hand knit, crocheted, and sewn toys and bags for children in hospitals. They offer a variety of patterns, including photos, for beginner through advanced crafters right on their site....

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Erin Go Organic

OrganicWhile I have seen a pint of Guiness served as a three course meal, you might want to consider some other options for your St. Patty’s Day fare.

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Green beer is nice and all but do you have a shamrock pinata?

There is pretty much no point in having a St. Patty’s Day bash if you’re not going to do it up. I’m talking glittery shamrock centerpieces on the tartan table cloth, shamrock guest soaps in the bathroom, baskets of shamrock mints to mask the Irish whiskey-breath. If you hit a party like that tonight, rest assured the hostess is either Martha Stewart or a fan of Plum Party. I love the cheeky sensibility, the helpful party tips, and the insane number of products this online party boutique has for sale. Owners Melinda and Risa have tracked down absolutely everything...

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The Thai Rock: The Mommy’s Champion

I admit that I’m the girl that needs the very thick layer of deodorant applied at least two times a day. I lost all hope for ever having dry, baby soft pits that didn’t shed all over my entire wardrobe until I found The Rock–the Thai Rock, that is. If you haven’t heard about this pure genius in a plastic container, then you are missing out. Thai Rock, made of nothing but pure mineral salts, kills all the bacteria under your armpits and totally eliminates without any thick cream, stinky scents, or aluminum. Quite frankly, rubbing toxins under my...

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Do Us All a Favor and Throw Away the Free Clinique Make Up Bags Already

I figured it might be time to reorganize my purse when my curious toddler pulled out two tampons and started using them as rhythm sticks. The only problem is that amidst the diapers, wipes, wallet, and 4 bags of stale Cheerios, I’m not sure I have any room for some gaudy cosmetic bag that screams tampon holder.I decided to search for something way cooler – and wouldn’t you know that Karyn Cantor of Classic Hardware has created just the thing. These brass cases are the perfect size for a couple of tampons, and their sleek design makes them an...

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How Mommy Got Her Groove Back

If you were anything like me, you made a mildly concerted effort to keep track of your newborn’s daily habits. However, the 10,000 yellow post-its and leftover composition book from English 101 just didn’t cut it. Between your aching nether regions and jello brain, keeping track of all things baby fell to the bottom of a very long list. The truth of the matter is, however, that if we were able to keep track of everything, we probably would feel a little better and our lists wouldn’t be as long. Well, it seems the folks at Babydaze have felt...

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It even looks good covered in oatmeal.

At Cool Mom Picks, we are particularly fond of family-run enterprises (no, not the Mansons). So we were excited to discover the simple, original designs of 3 Girls and Us. Claire and Matt, parents to–what else–three girls, have created tees, hoodies, creepers and bibs with whimsical graphics like little people rule the world, shown here. Their outerspace themed pieces are also a standout, the perfect fit for your child’s alien alter ego. They’re so cute, it’s almost a shame that they’ll end up covered in strained vegetables of every color. Ah well, that’s why God created OxyClean....

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The Joy of Sox

Nothing is cuter than a tiny pair of newborn socks. We all oooh and aaah over the little delicacies at baby showers in all their teeny glory, but the reality of socks is that they suck. It’s a neverending battle line drawn in the sandbox between Moms and their nemesis: The Sock. Rarely do they stay on our shoeless wonders. That’s why when I happened across Snapdragon Baby Socks I couldn’t help but share! These things are brilliant. Snapdragon Baby Socks, a wonderful mom-invented product, features a patented loop that snaps into baby’s clothes. The loops come in different...

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The Mod Hatter: Contest for a Cause

mod*mom, that mama with the hippest, most happening retro-modern design blog, is on the lookout for those of you with a good eye and a big heart. You see mod*mom, also known as Kristen (no relation to CMP’s Kristen), was diagnosed earlier this year with breast cancer and just this week lost her hair to chemo treatments. While she is kind of digging the free time it’s bought her in the mornings, she would prefer to sport a little more happening look. Not a fan of wigs, she opted instead to sponsor a mod hat design contest to help...

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