The Magic Kingdom? Down the Hall, Turn Right at the Bathroom

Craftiness is not my forte. Which means no, I’m not going to be painting a mural or stenciling a border in the new baby’s nursery any time soon. But there is something to be said for having some wall art over her crib that can’t possibly fall on her head. The solution? Vinyl wall stickers. Or better yet, wall tattoos, like these spectacular, fantastical fairies from the boutique CMP has been crushing on hard for months now, Rockett St George. They come in seven different colors, but there’s something ethereal and elegant about the silver, shown here.
There are other designs as well like cars and butterflies. But I can’t resist the potential for my daughter to be able to fantasize about fairy dust and magic without the encouragement of licensed characters. –Liz

Cool Mom Staff

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