The Many Colors of Babies

As a bi-racial woman raising a multi-racial child in a homogenous suburban neighborhood, it’s challenging to provide my daughter with a wide range of cultural experiences. In plain speak: All the kids are white!Whilebooks and magazines aren’t a replacement for real life interactions, they can be a great place to start. Take Global Babies, a new book from Charlesbridge Publishers and developed by the Global Fund for Children who gets a portion of the proceeds from the book. It’s a simple board book highlighting babies froma variety ofcultures in traditional garb. I was especially pleased to see a Native American baby representing the USA and not just some freckled kid in a baseball uniform. Nomatter how different the babies look from your own, one thing is for certain: They are all adorable. I can’t imagine a child of any race not totally loving this book. -Kristen

Cool Mom Staff

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