A bag to bring those Kit Kats home to mommy

I really ought to be too ashamed to admit this transgression, but for the past five years, my daughter has collected trick-or-treat candy in a plastic shopping bag. I mean, um…we’ve been environmentally conscious and reused existing materials.

This year, she’s going to use a proper Halloween tote, handmade from timeless, vintage-inspired fabric by La Lune Designs. These bags are lined with black canvas to protect against the occasional smushed chocolate bar. And they’re roomy enough to hold plenty of treats, especially if your kids toss out the apples like I always did. 

I mean, um…oh okay I admit it. I tossed the apples. –Julie


Julie Marsh is a mom of three, a project manager by trade, and a triathlete for fun. She could also use a nap.

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