Not Like Any Grandmother Sweater We’ve Ever Seen

When I think of grandma sweaters I think of scratchy, wooly, dated things that you pull out for holidays – if you really really have to. But Fairybread for Kids, is putting a new spin on the term.

Brooklyn mom (and Parents magazine art director) Amanda Kirk designs these very cool two-toned sweater jackets for girls, while her Ozzie mum personally knits them from soft Australian wool. The length makes them great as Fall outerwear turned Winter layers, and I love details like giant buttons and a quirky little pin at the breast like a wooden bear or a bunch of grapes.

The red and yellow (shown, right) in particular is such a bright, happy change from all the drab neutral coats out there these days. Come to think of it, that statement has grandma written all over it, doesn’t it. –Liz

[via goodyblog

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