Obama? Hillary? Duck?

I admit that my eyes have been glued to the Presidential debates and caucuses, much to the chagrin of my Noggin-addicted three-year-old. So instead of fighting about when she gets to watch the Backyardigans next, I’m going to get her fired up about a better show: The 2008 Elections.

What better way to do it than with the timely re-release of Duck for President, the third book from author Doreen Cronin and illustrator Betsy Lewin. This delightful duo tells the tale of a duck who grows tired of his chores and decides to hold an election to replace Farmer Brown. His disgruntlement with life as farm boss thrusts him into a full-on campaign for governor and finally for president, only to realize that life as a politician is a bit too much for a duck.

Through the cheerful watercolors and clever text, your kids will learn all about the electoral process. And you’ll get a little (or big) brush-up on it yourself. Not that you need it or anything. -Kristen

Congratulations to winner Amanda T!

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