Green: It Isn’t Just for the Irish

With various reports re-emphasizing BPA leaching from plastic bottles, we’re consistently tracking down safe alternatives that are still practical. Because let me be honest, there’s no way I’m handing my toddler a glass bottle.

So, if you’re replacing your bottle stash or looking for safe new ones, make sure you check out the BPA and pthalate-free bottles from Green to Grow. Made from PES plastic which gives them a more golden color (ooh fancy), these bottles are dishwasher and baby friendly. And we love that the company stays true to the Green in their name name with 100% recyclable packaging and soy inks.

It’s nice to know we’ve got safer choices; parents certainly don’t need anything else to keep us up at night. -Kristen

[via lilSugar]

Hope you enjoy our "green" picks for the day, cool moms – and happy St Pat’s! 

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