Green Toys – A new line of eco fabulousness in the form of toy trucks

Green Toys Recylcling TruckIf you had told me a few years back that I’d be counting the days until a toy company released their new trucks, I would have said you were nuts. But if you’ve seen Green Toys then it’s not so hard to believe that I’ve had the date marked on my calendar.

And if you see their new line, which includes a toy dump truck and recycling truck (pictured, left) then you’d see why. We discovered Green Toys early last year, even before Target (ha!), and we’ve been fans ever since. Made completely from recycled milk jugs, the toys, including a new tool set (pictured, right) and kids’ jump rope, are just as fantastic than any other toys your kids will play with, except they’re Green Toys Tool Set in BPA-free recycled plasticmade here in the USA and are completely recycled, BPA-free, and not likely to hit the lead paint recall lists any time soon. -Kristen

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