The Sisterhood of the Magical Pants, aka brilliant maternity jeans

Maternity jeansSure, you can spend hundreds of dollars to get maternity jeans from hip labels, but the cost is exorbitant and you end up wearing them for just a few months. (Or, hopefully just a few months.) I know there are more options around now than the ones with the panels that went up to my bra strap when I was pregnant, but still. Most maternity jeans do not make the wearer feel particularly hot.

What if you could take your everyday, pre-pregnancy fave jeans and turn them into maternity jeans… and then turn them back into regular jeans, later? You guessed it: Now you can.

So we’re now loving Denim Therapy’s Maternity Jeans, which aren’t maternity jeans at all–it’s a service that reconstructs your already broken in and awesome regular jeans with stretchy panels to accommodate your growing belly. Once your body’s back to normal (and yeah, it’s a new normal, but you know what I mean), they’ll take the panels out. Voila, you have your trusty jeans back as if nothing ever happened.

Okay; it’s not really magic, but it’s very, very close. -Mir

Check out Denim Therapy for their maternity jeans or the rest of their magical denim reconstruction services.

[via inhabitots]

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