Oh, okay. Wire hangers.

Lila Frances Original Personalized HangersNormally, wire coat hangers kind of skeeve me out. The way they get all tangled together makes me a crazy person. Therefore, you must understand what it takes for me to fall in love with anything made of wire with a pesky hook on top.

These Original Personalized Wire Hangers from Lila Frances are simply too cute to pass up. Whether you use them for a unique wall decoration or to hang up that super-special-Princess dress, you’re going to smile every time you see your sweetie’s name in powder-coated metal.

Hangers are available in 8-inch or 12-inch versions (while regular, hateful, hideous hangers are 17 – 19 inches) with room for up to ten characters, including spaces and hearts. Since each hanger is entirely made by hand, there is currently an 8 to 10 week waiting period.

So now my only question is “Wire you waiting to order one?” Because, you know, why are sounds like wire? Never mind. Just keep me away from non-cute wire hangers. And dry cleaning bags.~Delilah

[thanks morgan!]


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  • Reply April 5, 2010

    Morgan Chapman

    Oooh! Does this make me a cool mom? I love our personalized hanger – it is a great decor piece in our nursery.

    A wedding planner friend discovered the shop and bought it for my little guy so I can’t take all the credit. She gets them made (avec hearts) for the wedding dress shots hanging on the hanger – in a bigger size of course!

    Glad you like them!

    – Morgan

  • I saw these hangers when I could get to the wooden hanger link last week…very cute..

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