Uncle Rock's The Big Picture
More predictable kids’ music CD’s throw in a few songs about cuddly toys, naptime and making friends. Kindie-rock darling Uncle Rock croons instead about his friend Bigfoot, staying up the night the lights went out, and a big garbage barge on his new CD, The Big Picture.

If you’ve been reading Cool Mom Picks for a while, you know that we go w-a-y back to 2006 in our praise for Uncle Rock’s brand of good ol’ rock-n-roll with deep earthy bass lines, jangly acoustic guitar and a voice that can go all Elvis-y or Buddy Holly on a moments notice. I should point out that as the past lead in London’s Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story, Uncle Rock’s got the chops to channel the legends and will even give your kids a playfully fun music history lesson in the fifties-esque Buddy Holly’s Got the Hiccups
With Earth Day around the corner, I especially love how he reminds kids to take care of all the creatures of the earth in the aforementioned Garbage Barge, the funky Leave the Bees Be and his CMP-approved support-small-business message of Stop at a Mom n’ Pop. But, it’s during his duet with the golden-voiced Elizabeth Mitchell that his thoughtful lyrics really shine.

As fun as this CD is, you’ll remember this meaningful message long after this year’s Earth Day festivities pass. -Christina

Grab a copy of The Big Picture at our affiliate Amazon or at CD Baby or learn more about it at the Uncle Rock website

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