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iSkin laptop keyboard protectorMy beloved new MacBook is now as much a part of my kitchen table as the napkin stand but, in such a high-traffic spot, my laptop is in constant danger of a small person dribbling a juice box over the keys. Instead of constantly playing defense, I now use protection with iSkin


Despite its brand name — second only to the iPad in its unfortunate mental imagery — iSkin makes a smart ProTouch Keyboard Protector that should make computer-loving moms jump for joy.

This thin silicone covering lays across a laptop’s keys, with raised key for easier typing and no slippage. It took me about a day to get used to the feeling of the silicone under my fingers, but now I don’t even notice it.

The iSkin protects the keyboard from drips, dust and dirt getting inside a computer, which is quite the lifesaver for us work-at-home moms, or those of us who allow the kids to bang on the keys from time to time. But this isn’t a watertight seal, so don’t expect that you can suddenly float in the pool and Twitter. –Christina

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Congratulations to lucky iSkin winners Pamela G and Peasmasher!


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  • Reply April 19, 2010

    Susan L

    Um, having just spent $300 for liquid damage to our Macbook due to a mid-air baby catch, we are SO getting one of these. Thanks!

  • Reply April 20, 2010


    My nearly 2 year old has spilled water from MY cup on my laptop twice in several months… a new keyboard later (yes, I got lucky) and I bought a key piece of mommy equipment – the adult sippy cup. Camelback has 1 liter bottles with sippy cup style tops that don’t leak. It’s already saved me a couple of times. In fact, this is my new baby shower gift and only wish that I had thought of this when we first had our little one. Oh, and cheaper than the iSkin thing too.

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