Oh the cuteness of denim baby bums

denim diaper coverIf you needed any more evidence that denim is hot again, take a look at the new denim diaper cover I just spotted at babyGap. I love the dark wash with the slight fade on the bum, and that little pocket in back is too cute for words. It would look super swell on a little girl with nothing more than a little strappy tank this summer–but I think what I really like is that it could work on baby boys too.

Eh, there’s always time for cargo shorts. For now, let those chubby little thighs be seen by the world! You’ll miss them later, promise. –Liz

[thanks for the inspiration, shana]

Find the denim
diaper cover
in sizes 0-24mo online at Gap

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  • Reply June 4, 2010


    It sure is a hit. I would have loved my younger daughter wear that as a baby. If only it had arrived 8 years earlier. Too late for me now, I won’t be having babies anymore much as I’d like to. I’m 49 and it won’t look good anymore besides I am hypertensive and on maintenance medication.

    Levi’s should have thought of putting up a sub-brand that would cater to infants and kids. It would have been great since my husband worked with Levi’s for almost 20 years before it’s plant here shut their doors closed.

  • Reply June 4, 2010


    Have you seen the new limited edition diapers by Huggie? http://www.huggies.com/en-US/promotions/jeans Apparently this look is really popular this summer! I like the actual diaper cover better, but these are pretty cute too!

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