Celebrate good times. Like, uh, the first day of school.

schultuteWith my kids rapidly becoming tired of our regular summer activities, I can’t be more excited for the start of school. Or at least, that’s the story I’m going with. So to celebrate your kiddo’s first day back (you know, other than the sound of your screeching tires as you pull away from the drop-off zone) I’d suggest the Schultute gift box at Abe’s Market, put out by CMP fave Jade’s Toy Box.

They’ve revived and revamped a 200-year-old German tradition with this
cool cone shaped gift bag that’s stuffed to the brim with fun
eco-friendly and educational goodies. But unlike the other gift-type
boxes I’ve seen before, the folks at Jade’s Toy Box use high quality
items to create a truly cool present. That means no disposable tchochkes; instead, try markers from Clementine Art, Usborne books, soybean
crayon rocks – you get the picture.

And funny enough, my kids have even
made good use of the cone itself, which doubles quite effectively as a
princess or gnome hat.

The cones are available in two different languages (or many more if you order directly from the Jade’s Toy Box site), and
makes a very special first day of school gift for that very special
kid. And that very special parent. Who can admit she’s happy to send off that very special kid.  -Kristen

The Schultute gift cones by Jade’s Toy Box are available at Abe’s Market – another one of our favorite places to shop. Get free shipping through Sunday 8/15 and use code CMPSpecial for 10% off your purchase.

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